At Re Organic we consider that to take care of ourselves and our planet we not only have to look at the food and waste we generate, but we must also take great care of the environment around us, such as It can be our home or our jobs, so we are committed to bio-construction and sustainable facilities.

From our interior design studio we promote a conscious design that lasts over time, made with recovered, natural and local materials. Materials that convey warmth, comfort and durability. We want healthy spaces, designed to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible, that make life easier for us and that respect the environment and the people who inhabit it.

We take care of designing and installing energy efficiency systems in the air conditioning of spaces, sanitary water heating and electrical installations with renewable energy. Combining photovoltaic solar panels, biomass equipment, aerothermal energy, solar collectors, underfloor heating without PVC, wind turbines, solar and wind water pumps, etc. In order to maximize the performance of the facilities by reducing their consumption as much as possible in order to leave the smallest possible footprint on our planet. In addition, our installer is an expert in plumbing and air conditioning dedicating himself to it for more than 35 years.

Our team is also specialized in natural water treatments such as natural pools, sewage treatment, fish ponds or sanitary water treatments.

At RE Organic we are also dedicated to project management. We take care of planning, managing and supervising all kinds of actions necessary to carry out the project such as subcontracting, coordination and supervision of services that we do not carry out, the management of legal permits for necessary works, temporary planning, processing of work endings., etc.

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