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Organic food - Preserves

Peanut butter

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Organic food - Preserves

Toasted almond cream

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Organic food - Preserves

Roasted Tahín

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Organic food - Preserves

Genovese pesto sauce

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Organic food - Preserves

Pesto sauce with dried tomatoes

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Organic food - Preserves

Cream with black olives and olive oil

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At RE Organic we want to go back a couple of decades. Surely many of you, if you close your eyes and do a bit of memory, you will be able to remember when we were little and we went with our wallet and wicker basket to do the shopping in the neighborhood grocery store.

There we could find seasonal fruit and vegetables, we were sure that they did not carry pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, it was fresh and tasty, and it did not go through any camera because it was surely from farmers in the area.

You bought rice, legumes, nuts, eggs, butter and four other things ... Because we didn't get involved in bringing products from the other side of the planet, or we didn't eat things that brought so many ingredients that we weren't nor able to decipher. We just bought food, fresh food, food that we knew where it came from, real food. Surely if you close your eyes a little tighter, you can also remember how you were going to buy milk, eggs and something else with reusable containers. They didn't put any plastic bags on you. Wicker baskets, trolleys, paper bags and reusable containers were part of our routine, and it wasn't that difficult.

Our philosophy is as simple as going back a few years, to get rid of plastics, foods that are not food, pesticides and fertilizers that harm our health, and that transit of merchandise that does nothing more than pollute and wear our planet to the point that we no longer know if we can stop it.

We want to be positive and optimistic, and that is why we bet on putting thread to the needle and stopping, stopping short, rethinking things and learning to live as our grandparents did, because we think so We act we will stop it, and if we all act together nothing and nobody will stop us because surely we all want the best for our children and grandchildren, and what better way to do it than by taking care of our planet.

At RE Organic we bet on products:

  • • 100% Ecological
  • • Proximity
  • • Seasonal
  • • Plastic free

And we are sure that Sóller has a community that shares our way of seeing things, and today it is not easy for him to carry out his purposes, but from now on thank you RE Organic will find it a little easier to do things the way they used to.

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